Gang Free Inc. Mission is “to educate & empower individuals  to live a life liberated of crime through innovative programming & services

The Legal structure of Gang Free Inc. is a Non-Profit Incorporation with a 501C3 tax exempt status.Gang Free Inc. is a social assistance sub-sector.  Gang Free Inc. will serve a unique population of at-risk youth who are socially and/or economically disadvantaged as well as ex-offenders who are having challenges in transitioning back into the community.In Vance County there is a direct relationship with dropout rates, crime and recidivism. Gang Free Inc. will assist local school systems and law enforcement in creating a crime free community.

Gang Free Inc. desires to break the cycle of crime and recidivism through a continuum of services and programming.The staff at Gang Free Inc. will be educated and experienced to assist individuals  in getting their "AHA"  moment that will catapult their lives to success.

Why us?

   The advantages of Gang Free Inc. :

  • 10 years of intense knowledge in street    outreach, gang identifying, cultures and    trends
  • Intense Case management experience      at local jail and state prison.
  • Passion for deterring youth from the          judicial system.
  • Public Speaking on gangs & bullying
  • Implement  evidenced based programs    to assist youth out of gangs  ages 12-17
  • Educates the  community of the social      ills of crime and how it stagnates the          economy
  • Has facilitated groups with offender,    validated gang members